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My First



Hello World!

I know I’m a bit late to a world already saturated with multiple bloggers, micro-bloggers and blogger reviewers and commentors, all the same I decided to join the marathon of expressers from this part of the globe – Abu Dhabi.

My About page already mentions me as a born expat, and this has been my legal status over the past 29+ years. Abu Dhabi has been a haven for many more nationalities like us, and together this place is mostly known as ‘home away from home’. It was my paternal grandfather who first came here for work, and within a couple of years Dad, then 20 something joined the workforce too. Back in those days, oil was recently discovered, milk and other essentials made its way via camel backs, development and infrastructure was in progress, and sand enveloped the place. But they were not alone…there were several Indian nationalities around. Probably what attracted us was the fact that Indian Rupee was the currency back then for the UAE too.

When Dad and his siblings (9 of them, who eventually joined jobs / opened businesses in Abu Dhabi too) finally had been economically stabilised, he married, and I was born, 6 years later. By then, Abu Dhabi had been considerably developed – with schools, infrastructures, a handful of high-storey buildings here and there and a few holiday attractions for tourists. Oil production surged the economy, and UAE was one of the richest tax-free countries in the world. I consider myself privileged to be part of this home.

I’m single, living with my parents and sibling, in a cozy ‘society-riddled’ neighbourhood. Right now in a very complicated relationship as well as battling weight and other issues 🙂

I am grateful that I have a job..I see so many struggle to change jobs, or even keep one especially post-recession. I did pass through a dark phase myself, which affects my work life and stress issues from time to time.

Through this blog, though anonymous, I promise not to just cover stuff about myself, but also share experiences that will help other expats especially those living in Abu Dhabi and other emirates.

See you soon 🙂