Orient Treasures Restaurant

“What do you prefer to eat?”

Two years ago, when she asked me the question, I hesitated to answer. I knew that if I had said fish…or soup…or chicken, she would make that phone call, and voila! I would have a dish in front of me. Back then, I had just relocated to the office where my senior management were all present. Getting lunch was a challenge I thought, as I was used to the restaurants around the old office. My senior colleague, was a co-owner of a newly opened Filipino restaurant, that was the nearest from where I was. Being calorie conscious, I held an ignorant doubt that like most Asian platters, pinoy food too would contain either too much oil or too much spice. She pressed the question again, adamant that I should try.

“Do you have anything light?”, I finally asked back,

“What do you mean by light?”, she asked, resounding the vagueness of my question;

“Light…non-greasy, and non-spicy..?”

“All of our foods are light in that context, spice is an option ofcourse.”

Finally I said “chicken”, and waited till the dish came. It was a silog dish – Chiksilog. Silogs are dishes served with garlic rice, fried egg and pickled papaya strips called achara. Not only was this dish light, it was delicious. The chicken was cooked perfectly, the rice was portioned just right, and together with a fried sunny side up the meal was simply beautiful. With a dish so simple, and so conveniently available I was confident that the other dishes were as awesome as this. Of course, I had Filipina colleagues who gave me suggestions from time to time, and guided me across the food names. A guide through the silog list would be:

Chiksilog – Chicken, fried rice, fried egg

Longsilog – Sausages, fried rice, fried egg

Daingsilog – Fried fish (milkfish), fried rice, fried egg

Tapsilog – Cured beef, fried rice, fried egg

Tocilog – Honey barbeque sauced chicken, fried rice, fried egg (my personal favorite)

Cornsilog – Corned beef, fried rice, fried egg

Clockwise from Top Left: Tocilog, Chiksilog, Daingsilog, Tapsilog

Clockwise from Top Left: Tocilog, Chiksilog, Daingsilog, Tapsilog

Chicken Mamee with Fried Tofu

Chicken Mamee with fried Tofu



Orient Treasures by now has gained a reputed name all over Najda Street for their home-style cooked dishes, delivery service and new innovative additions to their menu. The restaurant manager – Ms. Relly is an over all talented lady both in and out of the kitchen. Whether its food presentation, delivery and even menu design and photography, she’s the best to rely on. The kitchen also has a team of efficient cooks behind the counter. It is preferred to enjoy the casual ambiance of the restaurant, but free delivery service is also provided for the sake of customer convenience. The restaurant is located at the heart of Najda Street, near to National Hospital. One of its best features is the budget meal service, which is available on a monthly contract basis, and has affordable hot meals served at your office desk. This restaurant is guaranteed to satisfy any nationality or varied foodie types with their choice of food. Just name your favorite, and like me you will get it hot on a platter.

Assorted Condiments

Assorted Condiments – Self Service

The restaurant has come up with Daily Buffet starting from today, and priced at AED 30. Combo meals are also available for AED 12. I recommend that one should check what this restaurant has to offer and meet the talented staff. I was also fortunate today to have tasted their ‘Taho’ – a light dessert made from soya milk custard, sugar, and tapioca. Its a specialty and a must-eat!

Fresh steaming Taho

Fresh steaming Taho

I’m looking forward for Orient Treasures to become the next big name in Abu Dhabi when it comes to daily meals / budget meals as they have been the only enterprise so far to have managed this so successfully and beautifully. Watch out for their progress on Orient Treasures Facebook page.


Tiramisu (*A) Recipe



Awesome Eid holidays…perfectly home alone…5 days of the week!

I actually planned to cook a lot more than just this, but figured it would be a waste for simply one single person, not to mention the insane calories I would have to put up with. So for now I decided to keep it to a couple of dishes – the Tiramisu and maybe my version of Chicken curry for later.

Its hard to find an original version of Italian Tiramisu when there are millions of recipes out there, and in particular I fell in love with it at Olivella Restaurant. Anyways I figured out why not “wordpress” it? There are brilliant bloggers out there with a choice of recipes to choose from and I came across “projectmasterchef“. His recipes are awesome, precise and meticulous presentation techniques, I should think its worth a visit.

*A: This version contains alcohol.

I used half the contents as I wanted to try a little, and I did not have the wine, but the rest of it is followed from his recipe and it goes like this:

180 ml of double shot espresso (I made it using 180 ml water with 3 tsp of Bru coffee powder)

4 tbsp Dark Rum

Finger Biscuits – 10 fingers

130 g Mascarpone Cheese

3 eggs

8 tbsp Brown Sugar

Cocoa powder for dusting

In a separate bowl make coffee liqueur by mixing coffee espresso, rum and 2 tbsp of brown sugar. Soak the fingers in this for few minutes until all the liquid is absorbed.

Separate egg yolks from egg whites, and beat them individually. The egg whites to be beaten till they form firm peaks, after which add the remainder sugar and mascarpone cheese. Whisk again, and finally incorporate the beaten egg yolks. The final mixture should have a thick creamy consistency.

In a glass or serving dish, layer the soaked fingers with the creme pudding, and allow to set for 8 hours in the refrigerator. Dust with cocoa powder before serving.

The Noodle House

Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay @ The Noodle House

Just completed a wonderful 3 day weekend on the occasion of Prophet Mohammed’s (p.b.u.h) birthday which was fortunately set upon Thursday. With the ongoing Dubai Shopping Festival in town, the malls and shopping centers were thronged with locals and tourists, especially the Electronics Showrooms.

I managed to keep some savings aside for a good meal as I enjoy fine dining with my sister. We shortlisted The Noodle House as we were in the mood for something oriental.

Even though we have been here before, it was our first time at the outdoor verandah, as the weather was wonderfully permitting. The ambience was serene, and the staff was swift with service. They provided us with a comfortable seating, precisely above the beach front.


There are 2 branches in Abu Dhabi for this restaurant; while one is located at Al Wahdah Mall, on the ground floor of the shopping complex. The one we visited was located at Qaryat al Beri, away from the hub of the city at the creek precisely opposite the Great Zayed mosque. Alongside, you will also find Shangri La Hotel, Traders Hotel, and some distance further, The Fairmont.


Opposite stands the Ritz Carlton – you could catch the glory of all its light works after sunset, with its magnificient reflection in the creek waters.

Anyways, back to the food. We ordered Salt and Pepper Calamari for starters (Oriental recipe or not, I leave you to be the judge of that) but we travel far and wide to savor this dish served with a spicy tangy & nutty sauce.


Our main course orders were simple – Nasi Goreng: served with a mouth watering fried egg place above the rice, along with chicken satay and some prawn crackers.


For the side was some Chinese styled Cashew Chicken, which was cooked to tender perfection and just enough spicy sauce. Specially recommended for all those Chinese / “Manchurian” food lovers.


I particularly enjoyed the Curry Laksa – which is a noodle based coconut gravy soup served with steamed chicken and shrimps. The fresh herbs give it additional texture…it was marvelously awesome.


There are a lot more exciting options provided on the menu, and if you are a first-timer, do not hesitate to ask your attendant, who would be happy to guide you based on your tastes. The total bill for 2 persons inclusive of beverages and service charges came to between AED 200-350.