Indian Style Weddings Are A Craze Around The World kind of photographer! He needs to drop by to UAE

Aakruti's Atelier

So, we all agree that Indian weddings are absolutely beautiful and ridiculously dramatic…in the best way possible? Yes? YES.

Dev Purbiya is a wedding photographer based in Mumbai, India and has been photographing those cute, cheesy moments in these week-long (or more) events. Right from the Henna ceremony to the reception- it’s a joy to see all these photographs.

You know you love these colors, the jewelry, the material and everything else that is possibly used in these weddings….OH WAIT, THE FOOD! So regardless of whether you’re an Indian or not, there’s ABSOLUTELY no harm in having a little bit of Indian-ness in your future wedding, yes? I think so!

If you’re getting married in the near future or have just been married or have been married for years now, then congratulations!

Being a sucker for Indian weddings, you know…the dressing up part, I think Purbiya does a great job…

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